Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation




Department of Health planed to establish the Joint Commission of Taiwan (former Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation, TJCHA) to provide services in order to enhance the managerial skills and medical care in healthcare organizations.

  • In August, 1998, the Executive Yuan granted the Department of Health the funds for establishing Joint Commission of Taiwan "
  • In January, 1999, the Department of Health, the Executive Yuan authorized the foundation of the Commission.
  • On March 8, 1999, JCT was registered with Taiwan Taipei District Court.
  • On April 12, 1999, we held the Grand Opening Ceremony.

Founding Organizations
JCT is the first organization that is sponsored by both the government and non-governmental medical groups. The founding organizations include:

  • Ministry of Health and Welfare, R.O.C
  • Taiwan Medical Association
  • Taiwan Hospital Association
  • Taiwan Non-governmental Hospitals and Clinics Association

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