Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation

International Hospital Accrediation Program, IHAP


International Hospital Accreditation Program, IHAP


As an highly recognized professional accreditation body, Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT) has committed to healthcare accreditation and quality improvement since 1999. JCT offers various international programs in accreditation, certification and healthcare management training.

International Hospital Accreditation Program (IHAP)

JCT provides accreditation services to international health care facilities using patient-focus methodology (PFM). JCT experts provide evaluation for the use of hospitals to improve their service quality. The customized accreditation processes are specially designed to fit Asian context.
Why You Should Apply JCT-IHAP?

  • To improve team work in your hospital
  • To enhance integrated care in your community
  • To achieve world-class quality of care
  • To re-brand your facility 
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