Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation

Health Examination Quality Certification


Health Examination Quality Certification

JCT conducts the Health Check-up Program Certification for assisting facilities to reduce the risk during the physical examination process, furthermore to create a safer environment and provide outstanding services for people.


The Certification Process : 
The applicant organization must be an independent legal entity involves with health examination services. The certification process takes 6 months. 

A continuous accreditation will be subject to the completion of Action Plan within 3 months of award, and Progress Report within 21 months post award. These reports shall cover the progress on any remaining actions from survey. 

We encourage organization to pursue the excellence in:  

  • Staff qualification, credentialing, and training
  • Patient safety and risk management
  • Service Delivery
  • Quality of care
  • Forward-thinking, value-based healthcare services



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