Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation



Rigorous and Equable Professional Accreditation

Hospital accreditation in Taiwan began in 1978 for accrediting specific teaching hospitals providing practicum for medical students. It was not until the proclamation and implementation of the Medical Care Act in 1986 and that the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) began to conduct the accreditation of hospitals of all levels across Taiwan in 1988 according to Article 23 of said Act. Seeing that hospital accreditation in industrialized countries is generally planned and organized by non-governmental organizations, JCT took up this mission in Taiwan in 1999. The main business of JCT thus includes hospital accreditation, teaching hospital accreditation, and certification and healthcare-related on-site inspection, hoping to help hospitals improve service and healthcare quality with accreditation and thereby to achieve JCT mission to enhance healthcare quality with hospitals together..

State-of-the-Art Accreditation Standards

Following environmental changes, the focus of hospital accreditation has changed from the infrastructure of hospitals to the process and outcome of quality assessment. The health authorities thus entrusted JCT to plan an accreditation reform, and the hospital accreditation system was also adjusted according to social development and international trends, hoping to promote healthcare quality in Taiwan. Moreover, the “Hospital accreditation Standards” developed by JCT has accredited and recognized by International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua).

Surveyors are the soul of accreditation

Hospital accreditation is a system profoundly analyzing and extensively assessing if hospitals are properly operated, and surveyors carrying out the accreditation mission are the soul of accreditation. JCT assists the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) in establishing the appointment, training and evaluation systems of surveyors, hoping to enhance the quality of accreditation, to promote assessment understanding in surveyors, and thereby to maintain neutrality in accreditation. 
The “surveyor training program” has also certified by ISQua in January, 2014.

International Recognition

As a professional hospital accreditation organization, JCT has received external evaluation from ISQua, and has been successfully achieved the three accreditation in “External Evaluation Organization”, “Health Care Standards”, and “Surveyor Training Programs” to demonstrate that our accreditation system meet international standards.

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