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【Press release】Taiwan echoes WHO’s World Patient Safety Day, Global healthcare quality and patient safety leaders gather in Taipei this week

September17, 2019

Taiwan has long been unfairly excluded by the World Health Organization (WHO) from international healthcare network, but few have known that Taiwan's patient safety situation is among the top in the world. Since the SARS outbreak in 2003, Taiwan has been committed to improve patient safety in its hospitals. Under guidance from the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW), the Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT) has launched a series of patient safety and quality improvement campaigns to prevent medical adverse events. Taiwan has becoming a world leader in patient safety and healthcare quality attributed to the relentless efforts medical institutions across the country had worked together.

Starting this year, WHO designates September 17th as World Patient Safety Day, with this year’s main theme: "Patient safety: a global health priority" and campaign slogan "Speak up for patient safety". As adverse events due to unsafe medical care, millions people die each year world-wide. Therefore, with the ideal that no one should be harmed in the medical process, the call for global attention to patient safety and mobilization to take action is encouraged.

Since 2004, JCT has promoted "Patient Safety Week" every year at healthcare facilities across the country with outstanding success. The topics cover important patient safety issues such as: fall prevention, medication error reduction, hand hygiene...etc. In response to this year’s WHO World Patient Safety Day, JCT calls on all hospitals to respond to the theme of "better communication" by advocating the "three Rs": respond, react and recognize. This campaign encourages patients and families to actively participate and 
"respond" during their medical treatment process, "react" and “recognize” any health concerns. Hospitals are invited to share videos and photos referencing “Recognize the Safety of Medical Treatment" on Facebook and use the hashtags #patient safety #WorldPatientSafetyDay.

This week, 1100 world's renowned healthcare quality and patient safety leaders from 35 countries will gather at the Marriott Hotel, Taipei to participate in the "2019 International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare" sponsored by JCT as major strategic partner. The participants will also tour six local excellent medical institutions to witness and experience Taiwan's high quality healthcare environment.

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【Press release】Taiwan echoes WHO’s World Patient Safety Day, Global healthcare quality and patient safety leaders gather in Taipei this week
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