Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation

Disease Specific Care Certification Program


Disease Specific Care (DSC) Certification Program

        The Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT) launched the “Disease-Specific Care (DSC) Certification Program” in 2009 to strengthen the operation and quality of disease-specific care. The DSC certification program proposes a patient-centered and inter-professional collaborative practice in healthcare organizations. The program aims to encourage comprehensive patient services from disease prevention to acute and chronic care to meet various healthcare demands. Thus, JCT’s DSC certification program established a new paradigm of integrated care for healthcare organizations to cope with today’s healthcare challenges.  

        DSC certification program focuses on evaluating healthcare organizations achievement of cross-disciplinary team integration in the delivery of specific disease, improvement in quality of healthcare services provided while ensuring the cost-effectiveness of the care, and most importantly highlight the organizations that set benchmarks for the disease-specific care.  

        As of 2021, we provide DSC certification program for 15 different disease-specific care and the list of the certified healthcare organizations can be found in here . For further information, please contact via dsc@jct.org.tw  

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