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Health Check-Up Program Certification


Health Check-Up Program Certification

        In recent years, healthcare institutions heavily invested in health check-up-related services in Taiwan. Health examination check-up services are offered from basic checks to in-depth, comprehensive services. The Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT) launched the Health Check-Up Certification program in 2011 to improve health check-up quality of healthcare institutions. The goal of the program is to ensure patient safety during health check-ups. Therefore, the certification process aims to look at the health check-up process from a recipient’s perspective and explore the safety and professionalism of the healthcare professionals, while encouraging the institution to develop information management, improve efficiency, and provide recipient-oriented and customized tracking management. These efforts build a trustable, high-quality brand reputation for health check-up institutions. Therefore, the certification is taken as a primary reference for consumers in their selection of health check-up institutions.  

        By joining the Health Check-Up Certification program, healthcare institutions can assess their needs in team integration, strengthen the interdisciplinary cooperation mechanism, maintain a consistent standard operational procedure, improve their customer satisfaction, and improve their service quality while pursuing for excellence and promoting their institutional branding.  

        The list of the healthcare organizations certified by the Health Check-Up Certification Program can be found here . For detailed information, please contact the program team at hcu@jct.org.tw  

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