Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation

Excellent Aesthetic Medicine Quality Certification


Excellent Aesthetic Medicine Quality Certification (AMQC)

        With the rapid development of sophisticated medical technologies, instruments, and equipment, medical care is no longer limited to disease treatment. The aesthetic medicine industry has flourished as the general public gradually focused more on self-appearance improvement in pursuit of a desired quality of life.  

        The Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT) launched the Aesthetic Medicine Quality Certification (AMQC) program in 2013. The program hopes to ensure patient safety and service quality in aesthetic medicine institutions, provide safe and reliable information, and reduce unnecessary disputes. The certification can allow high-quality aesthetic medicine institutions to be recognized, help such institutions to shape their branding, and present their institutional values, and provide the best choices to the public. Achieving Excellent Aesthetic Medicine Quality Certification from the JCT is recognized by the government and mandates the qualification for aesthetic medicine institutions to apply for international medical tourism membership. Moreover, the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Taiwan and JCT jointly launched the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Quality Certification in 2019 to establish a certification program for aesthetic medicine clinics.  

        The list of the healthcare organizations certified by the AMQC Program can be found here . For detailed information, please contact the program team at amqc@jct.org.tw  

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