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Taiwan Clinical Performance Indicator System


Taiwan Clinical Performance Indicator (TCPI)

        The quality indicator measurement project was initiated in 1999 in collaboration with the International Quality Improvement Program (IQIP), USA to develop healthcare quality indicators suited for the Taiwan healthcare system. In 2011, the Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT) launched the Taiwan Clinical Performance Indicator (TCPI) system to assist hospitals in continuous monitoring of healthcare quality and to respond to external demands for accountability. The TCPI system collects, monitors, and analyzes healthcare organization’s clinical performance quality indicators respective to Acute Care, Psychiatric Care (acute and chronic), and Long-term Care services. The acute care category indicators further encompass quality indicators of emergency care, inpatient care, intensive unit care, surgery care, etc. In total, TCPI collects 616 clinical performance quality indicators in 102 categories from over 100 participating healthcare organizations.  

Taiwan Clinical Performance Indicator Categories  

        Moreover, the TCPI system allows participating hospitals select specific indicators according to their needs and report the indicator data at the hospital level. This simultaneously works as a driving force for continuous self-monitoring and quality improvement within the hospital. The system strictly abides by the confidentiality of the indicator information submitted by each hospital and aims to create mutual trust and a culture of shared learning and growth.  

        For detailed information, please contact TCPI via tcpi@jct.org.tw or visit our website at https://tcpi.jct.org.tw/  

Activities organized by Taiwan Clinical Performance Indicator System  

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