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National Healthcare Quality Award


National Healthcare Quality Award (NHQA)

In 2000, JCT organized its first medical quality improvement competition, known as the Healthcare Quality Improvement Campaign (HQIC). The HQIC’s initial purpose was to emphasize the importance of the Quality Control Circle within the healthcare organization and widely adopt it as the Healthcare Quality Improvement Circle. Through various types of competitions, healthcare organizations, departments, and teams with outstanding achievements in internal quality improvements are recognized and awarded each year. Moreover, the competition boosts mutual interactions between healthcare organizations and medical professionals and establishes benchmarks for learning purpose.  

In 2018, the HQIC was renamed to the National Healthcare Quality Award (NHQA) to represent the campaign at the national level. With the belief of leading the quality of healthcare services across the island, the NHQA is the most prestigious and professional competition in Taiwan. The winning healthcare organizations and teams are all recognized with national honors. The NHQA competition continuously updates its participation methods following the national and international quality improvement and patient safety trends. There are currently 12 different ways of competition in 5 different categories, which are organized according into types of healthcare improvement projects and practice.  

National Healthcare Quality Award Categories  

With the participation of various institutions, the NHQA has emerged as the leading brand of healthcare quality improvement campaign in Taiwan. By establishing an excellent model for healthcare quality in the medical industry, the NHQA is dedicated to encourage medical institutions to continue quality improvement and share mutual benchmarking while promoting Taiwan's healthcare quality improvement achievements to the international community.  

For detailed information, please visit our website at http://NHQA.jct.org.tw/

National Healthcare Quality Award Ceremony  

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