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JCT Quality Academy

        Talent is the cornerstone for the continuous development of various professional fields. In light of the demand for professional talents in healthcare quality and patient safety issues for local healthcare organizations, JCT has organized quality improvement education trainings since 2008. Based on continuous demand, the JCT Academy was established in 2015, offering beginner, intermediate, and advanced level of quality improvement education courses. The Academy’s goal is to assist the medical institutions to continuously improve their employee’s knowledge on healthcare quality and patient safety.  

        Beginner level courses are offered online and attendees can learn quality management and improvement knowledge without the limitations of time and location. At intermediate level, participants are guided to solve quality improvement problems and strengthen their quality personnel capabilities by joining workshops, practical implementation sessions, and task-oriented exercises. The advanced level coursed offer in-depth and staged practical exercises to enhance teamwork of healthcare professionals working at administrative level and strengthens quality management and improvement skills required by supervisors and leaders.  

Activities organized by JCT Quality Academy  

        For detailed information, please visit our website at http://jctlearning.jct.org.tw  

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