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Taiwan Patient Safety Reporting System


Taiwan Patient Safety Reporting (TPR) System

        The Taiwan Patient Safety Reporting (TPR) system was established in 2005 and collects patient safety-related incidents to create a positive patient safety culture and establish patient safety incident information sharing platform for reporting healthcare organizations.  

        The TPR system operation is not limited by detecting mistakes, analyzing the nature and causes of mistakes, but rather strives to establish a mechanism to prevent mistakes, and prevent the same mistakes from repeatedly occurring in different healthcare organizations or by different individuals. By joining TPR, healthcare organizations can familiarize with types of patient safety incidents that often occur within healthcare organizations, and at the same time, transform the attitude of healthcare professionals by encouraging their reporting of patient safety incidents.  

        The TPR system provides 3 reporting channels: webpage reporting, software reporting, and database mapping. The incidents reported are categorized into 13 types, including: medication, fall, tube use, examination, in-hospital cardiac arrest, surgery, anesthesia, transfusion, medical care, accident, violence, self-harm, and others.  

        In addition to the type of incidents, TPR collects information on the severity of the harm caused to the patient and categorize the incident severity to near miss, no harm, mild harm, moderate harm, severe temporary harm, severe permanent harm, and death. Patient safety incident reports are published quarterly and annually.  

Annual Report of the Patient Safety Reporting System  

        For more information, please visit our website at https://www.patientsafety.mohw.gov.tw  

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