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Shared Decision-Making


Shared Decision-Making (SDM)

        Based on the experiences in promoting of patient safety and evidence based medicine, a nationwide Shared Decision Making (SDM) project was initiated in 2016. The SDM project is supervised by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW), and adopts multiple approaches coordinated systematically, including developing patient decision aids (PDAs), executing the Medical Decision Aids Campaign, establishing a SDM platform, and implementing SDM in clinical practice.  

        The purpose of Shared Decision Making (SDM) is to enable medical staff to propose treatment options to patients based on the existing empirical results, consider the patients’ values and preferences, and jointly discuss and reach a consensus before a medical decision is implemented. This process combines 3 elements: knowledge, communication, and respect. The process can also improve the patient’s health awareness, risk concepts, and medical-patient relations while reducing decision-making conflicts, patient’s feeling of not knowing, and the possibility of patients being exposed to incorrect examinations or treatments.  

        To reinforce the participation of hospitals and healthcare professionals in SDM movement, we assist hospitals in implementing SDM into their daily clinical practice by providing promotion posters, video broadcasting, online resources, and educational activities. In addition, to empower patients and their family’s participation and engagement in SDM, educational posters and videos are provided for the general public as well. Through SDM strategies, we strive to create better communication environment between clinical care providers and patients.  

Shared Decision-Making Conference and Award Ceremony  

        For detailed information, please visit our website at https://www.patientsafety.mohw.gov.tw  

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