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Chinese Medicine Doctors


Chinese Medicine Doctors (CMD)

       The supervising physician training program for Chinese Medicine Doctor (CMD) was initiated in 2014 and promoted by JCT in 2016, to implement general medical training and enable new Chinese Medicine Doctors (CMD) to receive training in both Chinese Medicine theory and practice, support trainees in integrating Chinese and Western Medicine, enhance trainee’s knowledge of hospital management, and provide instruction on the concepts of systemic diseases and holistic care. To meet the needs of the planned training capacity, JCT launched the matching program of Chinese Medicine supervising physician training in 2020, including developing the operating procedures and schedules and guiding personnel to implement the matching program. As of 2022, 49 teaching hospitals and 84 training clinics are certified and provided CMD training to more than 1,500 CMDs.  

        JCT assessed the Chinese Medicine Doctors' training systems’ effectiveness through an external audit and self-evaluation, including reviewing post-implementation and accreditation results, on-site inspection, and reevaluating the interim and terminal reports. Moreover, JCT organized the training evaluation for the first time in 2021 to enhance clinical training quality and recognize those with excellent clinical teaching capabilities.  

Figure. Number of Training Institutions and Trainees of the
Chinese Medicine Doctors (CMD) Over the Years

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